Our TripleD™ Process

Imagine a new and better way of building your custom home. Imagine a builder committed to listening to your dreams and ideas. Imagine energetic, competent professionals who make you feel like you're their only priority in that moment. Imagine having new friends at the end of the process.

That's the Heritage difference. We pioneered a new process designed around you, for you, and because you are priority NUMBER ONE when it comes to building your custom home. It's our signature TripleD™ process but really -- it's just a fancy way of saying we listen to you before offering suggestions and we take pride in our communication so you are never in the dark about your home, the next steps, or issues that may arise.




Dreaming about your custom home is the first and most important step in the our signature Triple-D™ Process. When we build your custom home, it will be unique to you. Why? Because during the DREAM step, we listen; you talk. You talk about what you need and want in a home. Do you want a special kitchen for entertaining or do you need ADA doorways for a child or parent? You talk about why you want a home. Are you dreaming of entertaining family and friends or are you dreaming of a luxury bathroom with a ceiling to floor waterfall, double showers, and a bubbling garden tub? Or both! You talk, we listen. We learn what will make your house your Heritage Custom Home.



Designing your custom home is the second and most exciting step in our Triple-D™ Process. We don’t do cookie cutter, we do you. Sure your custom home will have the same concrete, drywall, and grass that’s in all our other custom homes, but the really exciting part is mixing all the possible materials into a recipe and style that is totally, unashamedly, 100% you.

Crafting the right color scheme, floor plan, and home design is where our team shines. If you have designs you know you already like, we will start there. If you don’t — or just want to see what we can come up with —  our team will take you on a journey through Pinterest and Instagram. We’ll create a “you” portfolio that includes everything from your preferred style of home, floor plan, color palette, etc. that will serve as the blueprint for your Heritage Custom Home.



Developing your custom home is the third and most crucial step in our Triple-D™ Process. We engineer our custom homes to last for generations. Not every homebuilder cares about your home once they’ve painted the last wall, laid the last brick, and locked the door for the last time. But we do.

We engineer our concrete slabs to commercial standards, which is about twice that of a typical house slab. We include 33% more steel beams in our foundations than the standard foundation. We use a special blend of insulation that is lab-tested and proven to retain its fire retardant properties. Our doors are missile-rated by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association to be able to withstand projectiles up to 140 MPH. These are just a few examples of our superior craftsmanship and it is evidence of our commitment to building a legacy, your Heritage Custom Home.

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Less stress, easier decisions, and a home that's built better - these are just a few of the benefits of our signature TripleD™ Process. Over 300+ of our previous clients have loved this new and better way and we think you will too. Are you ready to experience our TripleD™ Process for yourself?